Monday, November 10, 2008


Recently I got an email from someone who lived in the cottage long ago, before we moved it from where it was originally built. She obviously has some great memories from the working cattle ranch she grew up on and the cottage she called home so many years ago. In her own words,

"When I think of when we lived there, we didn't have indoor plumbing and look at it now. I remember the big Christmas parties mom and dad would have. The good china and dishes came out and they always had homemade Tom And Jerry's.

I know daddy and another guy....Tony something or other (
Papish) built it in 1937 the year mom and dad were married. Paul Rigler remembers it and he thinks it only took about 8 months to build.

I found out about your house through an old high school friend in Billings. She had gone to a wedding (
at Chico Hot Springs) and the brides mother had rented your cottage, so on a whim I looked up vacation rentals in the Chico area and there you were." Ceil from Prescott, Arizona